Bd Electric Kettle Ss Red

Vendor: Spectrum Brands

Available: In stock

SKU: P595-KE2900R

Dont settle for slow boiling! The Rapid Boil Technology inside of the BLACK+DECKER 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Kettle uses 1500W of power to quickly boil up to seven cups of water more than 2x faster than a stovetop ! The stainless steel exterior is built to last and it looks great in any modern kitchen. The kettle comes with a removable anti-scale filter that prevents mineral buildup from passing through the spout so you get fresh hot water for tea hot cocoa instant meals oatmeal French press coffee and more! Other features include: small batch boil (1-3 cups) clear-view water window with level markings boil/dry protection 360 swivel base on/off switch pull-up lid power indicator light cord wrap 2-year warranty. Rapid Boil Technology Faster than a microwave or stovetop ! The powerful heating element boils water quickly saving you time in the kitchen. Rapid Boil Zone Bright red level markings inside the kettle let you boil 1-3 cups of water ultra-fast! 360 Swivel Base Pick up pour put back! The swivel base makes for easy transferring of the kettle. Automatic Shutoff For peace of mind while multi-tasking in the kitchen the kettle automatically shuts off when water reaches a rolling boil. Boil/Dry Protection This safety feature turns off the kettle when water comes to a boil or when theres no water remaining in the kettle. Easy-View Water Window The clear water window includes water level markings so you can boil the perfect amount of water for tea coffee and other recipes. Removable Anti-Scale Filter The filter attaches behind the pour spout to keep lime scale out of your beverages. Removable for easy cleaning. 1.7L Capacity Boil up to 1.7L (7 cups) of water for tea hot cocoa oatmeal French press coffee and more. Cord Wrap Easy cord storage within the swivel base. Stainless Steel Exterior The durable stainless steel body looks great in the kitchen and maintains its look and function. vs 1200W microwave and electric stovetop

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