GF 180 Grill System

Vendor: Applica

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SKU: P595-GRP3180PQ

The George Foreman GRP3180PQ Grill and Griddle can handle all your countertop cooking. It has everything you expect from a dependable George Foreman grill-the fat removing slope, adjustable temperature controls, durable ceramic grill plates, and easy cleanup. And now there's more! This grill opens up all the way to lie flat on the counter, providing two grilling surfaces or a griddle surface with the included griddle plate. Quickly grill steak, chicken, and veggies, or fry up eggs, bacon, and hash browns. 450 degree Searing, Multi-Function, Premium Ceramic Coating, Removable Plates, Adjustable Temperature, Exclusive Slope, Dishwasher-Safe Drip Tray, 80 square inches.

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