Georgeforeman Fixed Plate Gril

Vendor: Spectrum Brands

Available: In stock

SKU: P595-GR0030P

George Foreman 103" Fixed Plate Grill with Platinum finish... Get healthier meals in minutes for the whole family with our extra-large 6-serving grill. The 103 Sq. In. cooking surface features our patented sloped design and double nonstick coating to allow fat and grease to drain away from food. Signature Foreman embedded heating elements ensure even heat from the center to the sides of the grill and faster temperature recovery once food is placed on the plate. All this plus our dishwasher-safe accessories including a custom drip tray and spatula. 103 Sq. In. Cooking Surface for up to 6 Servings; Double Nonstick Coating; Patented Sloped Design; Signature Foreman Embedded Heating Elements; Floating Hinge; Dishwasher-Safe; Drip Tray & Spatula.

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