Ostead 4 Piece Ceramic Cutlery Set in Black

Vendor: Big Kitchen Shop

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SKU: D970-107311.04

The Ostead 4-Piece Ceramic Cutlery Set by Oster is a great addition to any kitchen. Each knife features a high-quality corrosion-proof ceramic blade that is extra sharp and stronger than regular steel blades. The handles are ergonomically designed for a soft-touch and comfortable grip to ensure precise cutting. They feature a protective sheath to avoid cuts when looking for your knife while stored. To combine functionality with design, this cutlery set comes with black blades for an added touch of boldness to your kitchen!

* High-quality corrosion-proof ceramic blades are
stronger, sharper and harder than regular steel
* Ergonomic handles for comfortable grip and
precise cutting
* Protective sheaths for safe storage
* Dishwasher safe, hand-wash recommended

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